• Urban Commuters and City Day Trippers

    Urban bikes are designed for general use around town over short to medium distances. Ideal for short hauls, commuting to work, light shopping or even a long weekend ride. Urban bikes fold fast, fold small and can be fitted with a variety of accessories.

  • Roadies and Spirited Adventurers

    Recreational bikes let riders tackle weekend adventures in their own style. Supporting standard riding posture, they are packable and portable - airline surcharges aren't an issue! For roadies and dedicated adventurers, these folders are excellent for training and exploring.

  • Fitness Fanatics and Recreational Riders

    Fit through fun or fun through fitness... DAHON folders are founded on the vision of Green Mobility - out of the house and into the saddle! For sports activists and recreational enthusiasts who want high performance and reliability - portable. With multiple gear or simple shift options, DAHON´s are quick on the uptake and low on shock. Easy-to-store and perfect for post-workout cooldowns.

  • Adventurous and Energetic Youngsters

    With the utmost care for safety and reliability, DAHON Kid's bikes are for energetic children just starting out in the world of cycling. Prepped for those first turns with a bike until it's time to remove the training wheels.